Baseball Cards

Baseball cards are beautiful momentos of the past, relics of a simpler time in our own lives, and full of fun awkward photos and unsophisticated statistics of bit players in the national game. Someday, when Yahoo and I open our bar & grill, we’ll have old cards at every table for the viewing pleasure of our diners, so Ben and I keep a few choice cards on hand just to be ready. Fortunately, there’s a nonsensical baseball/creative writing blog called Notgraphs that shares this interest in old cards.

Do you look at this card and think, “Is Dave MAGADAN a power hitter? Can non-power hitting dinosaurs stick at first base?” 

Do you see Jeff Musselman and think, “Does he just blow batters away with his fastball? Has he developed secondary offerings?”

Maybe scouts watch this guy and think, “Holy Moses, he’s fast!” But what good are stolen bases if you get caught every other try?

Do you see this guy and wonder, “Quisenberry? Ah yes, Dan Quisenberry!” And after more consideration, do you wonder if left handed closers could have any success sans mustaches? (Yes Tug McGraw did it, but that just proves guys named Tug don’t need mustaches)

And of course, Steve Balboni. Here he is 4 years after the AP reported that, “If Steve Balboni knows Steve Balboni, American League pitchers had better take cover for a while.”

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